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More About Us

Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our product offerings and make our customer experience even better. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to continuously improve our customer experience every day.

Our quality product offerings are carefully selected, and our delivery options and payment methods are flexible.

Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Revtech for yourself.

We proudly enjoy a Level 4 BBBEE Contributor Status.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Our Vision

Quality AC & DC Electrical Motor Components & Parts

  • We strive to be one of the top ten marketing and distribution agencies in South Africa and the African continent as a whole.

  • We are customer-focused and value customer feedback and continuous improvement of our products and service offerings.

  • We strive to be fast, flexible, and adaptive to changes in the market

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Our Mission

Quality AC & DC Electrical Motor Components & Parts

  • We commit to understanding our customer's needs

  • We use our marketing & technical engineering expertise to keep customers satisfied 

  • Revtech Electrical provides practical solutions to our diversified customer base

  • Continuously optimise our product portfolio, marketing & distribution channels to provide excellent service to our target customers at a competitive price

  • We strive for continuous improvement

  • Revtech Electrical is passionate about fostering and maintaining  excellent client relationships

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Our Core Values

Quality AC & DC Electrical Motor Components & Parts

  • Integrity, Honesty & Trust in everything that we do

  • Accountability and Commitment to Customers

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement in our products and service offerings

  • Innovation and Quality Products

  • Teamwork

About: About Us
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